CoBrowsing and the power of modern browser APIs

by Urmas Talimaa 

Friday, 10 June 2016 16:30 @ Room 3

CoBrowsing is a tool that allows remote users to simultaneously interact with a mirrored web page – completely within the browser. This challenging domain requires complete and high-speed access to the internal details that make contemporary web apps beautiful and dynamic.

Using cumbersome frameworks that abstract away browser behavior won’t fly, let’s get personal with the real browser.

In this talk we’ll learn about: DOM serialization, MutationObservers, DOM Events at capture/bubble phase, postMessages and WebSockets. You’ll see how these features come together to create a remote-desktop rivaling CoBrowsing solution in a web browser.

Both front-end ninjas and neophytes are guaranteed to come away with new insights into the power of modern browser APIs.