Joshua Long

Josh Long is the Spring Developer Advocate on the Spring team at Pivotal. He is a Java Champion, a JavaOne rockstar, a blogger, and spends entirely too much time on Twitter. Josh is the lead-author on 5 books on Spring (including a new book from O’Reilly tentatively titled “Building Microservices with Spring Boot”) and a new video training series – Building Microservices with Spring Boot Livelessons – from Addison-Wesley on using Spring and Cloud Foundry to build cloud-native applications.

The bootiful application
The bootiful microservice

Holly Cummins

Holly Cummins is a technical lead in IBM’s London Bluemix Garage, which uses lean startup, extreme programming, and design thinking to help companies, large and small, innovate on the Bluemix PaaS. She is a co-author of Enterprise OSGi in Action and has spoken at JavaOne, Devoxx, QCon, Jfokus, JavaZone, The ServerSide Java Symposium, JAX London, GeeCon, and the Great Indian Developer Summit, as well as a number of user groups.

An Arduino, an application, server, and me

Lukas Eder

Lukas Eder is the founder and CEO of Data Geekery GmbH, located in Zurich, Switzerland. With his company he has been selling database products and services around Java and SQL since 2013. Ever since his Master’s studies at EPFL in 2006, he has been fascinated by the interaction of Java and SQL. Most of this experience he has obtained in the Swiss E-Banking field through various variants (JDBC, Hibernate, mostly with Oracle). And he is  happy to share this knowledge at various conferences, JUGs, in-house presentations and on his blog. Here’s his conference and JUG talk schedule for the most recent time:

SQL tricks that you didn’t think were possible

Matt Raible

Matt is a well-known figure in the Java community, and has been building web applications for most of his adult life. For over 17 years, he has helped companies adopt open source technologies and use them effectively. Amongst his roles he was Lead UI Architect for LinkedIn, the UI Architect for and the Chief Architect of Web Development at Time Warner Cable.

Matt has been a speaker at many conferences worldwide, including Devoxx, The Rich Web Experience, Jfokus, No Fluff Just Stuff, and JavaOne for which he won a JavaOne Rock Star Award in 2013.

Matt is a kick-ass father and fun-loving husband with a passion for skiing, mountain biking, VWs and good beer. He currently drives a ’90 Syncro and a ’66 21-Window.

Get hip with JHipster: Spring Boot + AngularJS + Bootstrap

Mikalai Alimenkou

Mikalai Alimenkou is a Senior Delivery Manager, Java Tech Lead and experienced coach. Expert in Java development, scalable architecture, Agile engineering practices and project management. Having more than 11 years of development experience, specializes on complex distributed scalable systems. Active participant and speaker of many international conferences. Founder and coach in training center XP Injection. Organizer and founder of Selenium Camp, JEEConf, XP Days Ukraine and IT Brunch conferences. Founder of active “Anonymous developers club” (uadevclub).

Do we need JMS in the 21st century?

Ivan Krylov

Ivan Krylov is a lead developer at Azul Systems, working on Zing, Zulu and ObjectLayout projects. Ivan has been in JVM development since 2005. Previous experience includes the Hotspot Runtime development and the JIT compiler work for the HSA/OpenCL stack.

What to expect from JDK 9

Nikita Lipsky

I am an initiator and a team lead of Excelsior JET project – certified Java SE implementation with AOT compiler developed by Excelsior LLC. Working on the project since 1997 I took part in almost every activity of the project from the JVM core to product management and support. Last couple of years, I am experimenting (in a spare time) with open source projects exploring approaches and a concept of the next web.

Java AOT compilation

Rafael Winterhalter

Rafael works as a software consultant in Oslo, Norway. He is a proponent of static typing and a JVM enthusiast with particular interest in code instrumentation, concurrency and functional programming. Rafael blogs about software development, regularly presents at conferences and was pronounced a JavaOne Rock Star. When coding outside of his work place, he contributes to a wide range of open source projects and often works on Byte Buddy, a library for simple runtime code generation for the Java virtual machine. For his work, Rafael received a Duke’s Choice award and was elected a Java Champion.

Dynamic Java

Sam Aaron

Sam is a live coder who strongly believes in the importance of emphasising, exploring and celebrating creativity within all aspects of programming. He works at the intersection between Computer Science Research, Education and Art. He is the lead developer of Overtone and the creator of Sonic Pi, a music live coding environment used to teach programming within schools. By day Sam is a Postdoc Research Associate at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory and by night he codes music for people to dance to.

Keynote: Performance Driven Development

Steve Klabnik

Steve Klabnik is a Rust core team member, prolific open source contributor, and author of “The Rust Programming Language”, “Rails 4 in Action”, and “Designing Hypermedia APIs”. He lives in Brooklyn, and spends far too much time on GitHub.

Concurrency in Rust

Ted Neward

Ted Neward is an independent consultant specializing in high-scale enterprise systems, working with clients ranging in size from Fortune 500 corporations to small 10-person shops. He is an authority in Java and .NET technologies, particularly in the areas of Java/.NET integration (both in-process and via integration tools like Web services), programming languages of all forms, back-end enterprise software systems, and virtual machine/execution engine plumbing.

He is the author or co-author of several books, including Professional F# 2.0, Effective Enterprise Java, C# In a Nutshell, SSCLI Essentials, Server-Based Java Programming, and a contributor to several technology journals. All told, he has written close to a hundred articles in both print and online form.

Keynote: Pragmatic architecture
Busy Java developer’s guide to hacking in Java

Tim Berglund

Tim is a teacher, author, and technology leader with DataStax, where he serves as the Director of Training. He can frequently be found speaking at conferences in the United States and all over the world. He is the co-presenter of various O’Reilly training videos on topics ranging from Git to Mac OS X Productivity Tips to Apache Cassandra, and is the author of Gradle Beyond the Basics. He tweets as @tlberglund, blogs very occasionally at

Confessions of a big data sceptic
Real-time analytics with Spark and Cassandra

Oleg Shelajev

Oleg Šelajev is an engineer, author, speaker, lecturer and advocate at ZeroTurnaround. He spends his time testing, coding, writing, giving conference talks, crafting blogposts and reports. He is pursuing a PhD on Dynamic System updates and code evolution. Oleg is a part-time lecturer at the University of Tartu and enjoys speaking and participating in Java/JVM development conferences such as JavaOne, JavaZone, JFokus and others. In his free time, Oleg plays chess at a semi-grandmaster level, loves puzzles and solving all kinds of problems.

Viktor Gamov

Viktor Gamov is a Senior Solution Architect at Hazelcast, a leading open-source in-memory data grid (IMDG). Viktor has comprehensive knowledge and expertise in enterprise application architecture leveraging open source technologies. He has helped leading organizations build low latency, scalable and highly available distributed systems. He holds an MS in Computer Science. He is a co-organizer of the Princeton JUG and New York Hazelcast User Group. He is a co-author of O’Reilly’s «Enterprise Web Development». Viktor enjoys presenting at various international conferences, blogging and producing a podcast.

Distributed caching with JCache and beyond

Volker Simonis

Volker Simonis

Volker Simonis works for SAP in the SAP JVM Technology group. He is an OpenJDK contributor from the very beginning and helped SAP and the SAP JVM team to engage in the OpenJDK project. He’s the project lead of the OpenJDK PowerPC/AIX porting project, a JDK8 committer and JDK9 reviewer.

HotSpot debugging at the OS level

Anton Keks

Anton Keks is a software craftsman, co-founder of Codeborne, the only extreme programming shop in the region, frequent speaker at conferences, and a lecturer in Tallinn Technical University. He is also a strong believer in open-source software and agile development methodologies, author of a popular network tool – Angry IP Scanner, and a regular contributor to other open-source projects. Before founding Codeborne, Anton has led a team of developers of the award-winning internet-bank of Swedbank for 5 years, gradually introducing agile methods. During this time he has also co-founded Agile Estonia non-profit organization that organizes regular agile conferences in Estonia. During spare time he plays guitar, rides motorbike and travels to remote corners of the world.

Kotlin in real projects

Yegor Bugayenko

Yegor is a CTO and Co-founder of, a software development company with a unique approach to management of distributed teams; a regular blogger at; a proud holder of PMP and OCMEA certifications; a hands-on Java developer and a lead architect of a few popular open source projects, including,, and Yegor lives in Palo Alto, CA and Kyiv, Ukraine.

How do you talk to your microservice?

Urmas Talimaa

Urmas is a team lead and a full stack developer at SaleMove, where he learns something new about browsers every day. As the fourth developer in the company, he helped transition a small group of hackers into a proper engineering organization. He is a reactive programming proponent, teaches front-end programming at University of Tartu and likes dabbling in Haskell. In his spare time he enjoys photography, walking his dog and playing Dungeons & Dragons.

CoBrowsing and the power of modern browser APIs