Do we need JMS in the 21st century?

by Mikalai Alimenkou 

Thursday, 09 June 2016 15:00 @ Room 2

JMS is known as a standard way to implement distributed work with messaging in Java world. There are many JMS providers, both open source and commercial. Large percent of developers use JMS for almost every case when they want to sent message and process it on the other side. But now there are many alternative solutions to organize message queues: AMQP, Redis, ZooKeeper, Apache Kafka or even custom solutions based on Cassandra.

Why not to use them instead of JMS? In this talk we will discuss key “issues” in the different messaging systems and then, with this knowledge in mind, look once again at JMS and alternative approaches using practical cases from my experience. Maybe after this talk some more people will stop using JMS and start using their mind.