Day 1

Simon Maple – Opening Keynote

Sam Aaron – Keynote: Performance Driven Development

Ivan Krylov – What to expect from JDK 9

Yegor Bugayenko – How do you talk to your microservice?

Oleg Shelajev – Flavors of concurrency in Java

Rafael Winterhalter – Dynamic Java

Lukas Eder – SQL tricks that you didn’t think were possible

Mikalai Alimenkou – Do we need JMS in the 21st century?

Tim Berglund – Confessions of a big data skeptic

Viktor Gamov – Distributed caching with JCache and beyond


Day 2

Ted Neward – Keynote: Pragmatic architecture

Viktor Gamov, Mikalai Alimenkou – Java 8 Puzzlers: The strange, the bizarre and the wonderful

Steve Klabnik – Concurrency in rust

Anton Keks – Kotlin in real projects

Matt Raible – Get hip with JHipster: Spring boot + AngularJS + Bootsrap

Volker Simonis – HotSpot debugging at the OS level

Holly Cummins – An Arduino, an application, server, and me

Ted Neward – Busy Java developer’s guide to hacking in Java

Joshua Long – The bootiful application

Nikita Lipsky – Java AOT compilation

Joshua Long – The bootiful microservice

Tim Berglund – Real-time analytics with Spark and Cassandra

Urmas Talimaa – CoBrowsing and the power of modern browser APIs

Closing Keynote